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  • Ukrainian bloggers to Russian bloggers: “Stop being silent!”

    As the Putin regime seek to close down russian-speaking media as “Radio Echo Moscow“,”Dozhd” and others, the users of social media are not without responsibility (Facebook and Twitter were also shut down for Russian users yesterday). This is what some Ukrainian bloggers have reminded Russian bloggers about, according to Unian:

    Ukrainians urge Russian bloggers to express their views and use their popularity for the cause of peace. Famous Ukrainian bloggers and influencers have turned to their colleagues from Russia with a request that they present to their audience the truth about the war that Russia has unleashed in Ukraine.

    Among those who have united to make this joint appeal are Alexei Durnyev, Anton Ptushkin, Igor Pastochkin, Alexander Pedan, Nastya Gonsul, Dasja Astafjeva, Vladimir Dantes, Kolya Zyrjanov and other Ukrainian bloggers. Their audience includes many Russians among whose friends are bloggers with millions of readers.

    Are we accusing you of silence? Yes, you are the power of your people and their voice. And you have now finally got a chance to change your lives for the better, and also the lives of those who make up your auditorium. Write stories about what is actually happening in Ukraine! Write posts about the veritable genocide that Putin has committed before everyone! Make statements! Tell us about the devastation that has begun in Ukraine and is approaching you. Your president is blowing our cities to rubble, but he’s dealing with you even worse. He destroys you slowly, while he painfully but smoothly deprives you of your tongues and your hands. If you do not stop him, you are just waiting for a slow rot and a civil war. Remember the history. You can be certain that the world will not help you to resolve your conflicts. You will be left to die! Do not let this happen! Speak ! Reveal the truth. Encourage people not to tolerate this ”- was the bloggers’ message.

    They stressed that while Putin is bombing Ukraine, Russia will be isolated from the world. Now it’s time to act. The bloggers concluded: “Stop being silent!”

    An answer has come to this.

    Russian blogger and TV presenter Viktoria Bonya decided on the eighth day of the war to apologize to the Ukrainians for what is happening now. On her Instagram account, she has posted blue-yellow photos and written:

    “I want to apologize. With all my heart. Forgive me”.

    Nastya Ivleyeva has also joined forces with Bonya, who has called on President Vladimir Putin to stop the war:

    We have witnessed a real catastrophe. People are dying in Ukraine, cities are being destroyed, our soldiers are dying, many of whom are quite young, there is an information war going on, in which we, ordinary people, curse, threaten and hate each other. In connection with this, I would now like to turn to the leadership of our country. I urge you to make the second round of negotiations in a way that ends the acts of war, I urge you to agree, I urge you to enter into the compromises that put an end to the killing of people. I call for a conclusion “,

    wrote the host of “Heads and Tails” (Орла и Решки).

  • Will there be war ?

    “The biggest war in Europe since 1945”, according to Boris Johnson.

    The question imho has to do with how fast everything went in the early 90s. There were solemn verbal assurances from Western leaders that NATO would not expand. But when everything ended up on paper, there were no such assurances, only recorded talks.

    This has been going on for a long time. We are reminded about the security conference in Munich in 2007, when Putin spoke out in front of the United States and the West, and sounded a bit like in “the good old days”. Although those days were not so good.
    Russia has not participated in the security conference in Munich this weekend.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, has a worldwide commitment and a high level of ambition, judging by her announcement on Telegram (in translation – here) the other day. However, it is all too clear that the Marxist-Leninist conceptual apparatus is pathetically missing in her scourging of the West.

    Maria Zakharova

    The settlement with the Soviet Union and communism should have gone further at an early stage. And the capitalist world should not – after all the devastation – have been so concentrated on opening new markets, but instead focusing on rehabilitation or, as the law of Moses puts it – the Sabbath.

    In the full sense of that concept

    / This is a translation from the original post on my Russian blog – HL/

  • Fyodor Dostoevsky

    (this post may be updated)

    The 200th anniversary of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s birthday is approaching (Nov 11.).

    I’ve just started going through one of his “Notes”..

    “Iniquity” is a biblical concept, and Dostoevsky defined it quite well here:

    Despite all conceivable points of view, everyone agrees that there are such crimes, which always and everywhere, according to all possible laws, from the beginning of the world indisputably are counted as crimes and which will continue to be counted as such, as long as the human being remains a human being

    (Notes from the Dead House – 2nd chap.)

  • Twenty years ago in Afghanistan

    September 11, 2001. That was twenty years ago. I used to read international news in the Stockholm City library’s newspaper room. There were among other things articles about some Christian missionaries in Afghanistan who had been arrested by the Talibans on suspicion of violating Sharia laws on proselytism. This was in August 2001.

    And I was distracted by the terrorist attack on September 11, when I tried to follow up on that matter ! It almost fell into oblivion.

    Now, however, I found those old articles. They were published by the New York Times, among others (at the time, the newspaper was called the “International Herald Tribune”).

    There were at least two missionary organizations whose staff had been arrested. One of them was the Germany-based “Shelter Now“, and as some of its captured employees feared during the interrogations, their words spread around the world, as they carefully sought to avoid identifying some of the Afghans who had been the subject of their outreach activities. On August 26, 2001, the New York Times published their “Confession”: “We gave two copies of a book about Jesus to a family. We have not given anything else, no other books or any material to anyone else. We sang alone one song about God, not about Jesus. They did not sing with us. We drank green tea ”.

    The paper continued: “This may not exactly sound like the centerpiece of some grand collusion, but today a Taliban spokesman, Abdul Hal Mutmain, said that the first phase of the investigation was complete, and that the tentacles of a far-reaching Christian plot had been found to clutch not just Kabul, the capital, but other cities as well. The inquiry will now extend elsewhere“. So it had stirred up international attention, especially from the United States, Germany and Australia, that had individual citizens in Afghanistan who were involved in “Shelter Now”.

    George Taubman, Margrit Stebnar, Kati Jelinek and Silke Duerrkopf from Germany, Diana Thomas and Peter Bunch from Australia and Dyane Curry and Heather Mercer from the United States spent nearly four months in detention in Afghanistan before being rescued. The Guardian wrote about the matter on November 16 of the same year, recalliing the evacuees’ words: “They also told of their dramatic night rescue, when women in the group set fire to their body-masking burqas so American Special Forces pilots could find them. .. they were airlifted to safety by the US helicopters …

    And I also found that in 2002, a book was published in which this story is developed, a book written by the two American women in the group.

    So I got it, and read it. “Prisoners of Hope” thus tells about difficult questions that need to be answered before going to a country like Afghanistan to spread the message of Jesus Christ, and about even more difficult questions asked by the Taliban interrogators.

    The stay in three different prisons is described in realistic detail, and individual Afghan life stories are highlighted with great empathy. Sparse contacts with relatives meant that information about events in the outside world, even about the terrorist attack on 11/9, comes only in small portions. And the appalling realization that the great United States has gone to war against the Taliban in Afghanistan comes in a very awkward position for these captured Christian missionaries from the West.

    And the message about “praying for Afghanistan” feels more urgent than ever.

    The Hill about the situation today

  • Job 18:20 (Youngs literal)

    “At this day westerns have been astonished And easterns have taken fright”

  • Khodorkovsky: “Trump has tried to walk the same way as Putin” –

    Donald Trump’s presidency is in its final, chaotic spiral. But even with the end so near, each hour seems to carry a new threat to America’s fragile democracy.” – according to  CNN

    If American democracy is fragile, what about elsewhere? Some Russian opposition figures I have heard commenting on the events of recent days, and especially on December 6, are impressed by the flexibility of American democracy after all, and the authority of the American courts, even during an election process.




    Alexei Venediktov spoke with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and the latter said:



    ..imagine what it would be like in Russia if the president of the country said: ‘They have stolen the election, give me your support!’ In Russia, in principle, there is no such institution as a judicial system with authority in an electoral process: the authorities themselves have liquidated a whole set of institutions that would support such a legal system in such situations. Trump is an ideological fan of Putin …. He has tried to follow the same way, no matter what he says, but the American democratic system has not allowed him to do so for four and a half years. “

    Venediktov, however, finds Trump’s suspension from Twitter “embarrassing”, it’s one of the milder terms he uses.

  • What th…

  • Is the sovereign Pope searching for a “Ring of Power” ?

    “Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than he?”

    – 1 Corinthians 10:22

    The pope has spoken out about homosexuals. He endorse a civil union. In a comparison with Swedish gay politics ( I am from Sweden), he has thus reached the year 1994, when the law on civil unions for homosexuals came into force.
    In a comparison with the sources of Protestantism, perhaps Swedish Protestants (and protestants generally) can be said to have a bit left until the year 1520, when Martin Luther had the pamphlet “On the Church’s Babylonian captivity” published. He then said that the Roman Catholic Church had fallen into a Babylonian captivity, from which she must be freed. Hence the Reformation.
    One of the seven sacraments is Marriage. Interestingly, Luther also dealt with that sacrament. He believed that this, together with the Church’s celibacy requirements for priests, created an impossible situation, which often developed into homosexuality among priests.
    The sacramental view of marriage thus remains in the doctrines

    of the Roman Catholic Church, and when the pope speaks in recognition of civil unions, some Catholics fear that he will cause change in marriage itself, depriving it of its sacramental status as a relationship exclusively between a man and a woman.

    Two examples of that reactions:

    An American bishop, Thomas of Rhode Island, has asked for more clarification from the pope:
    The Church cannot support the acceptance of objectively immoral relationships. Individuals with same-sex attraction are beloved children of God and must have their personal human rights and civil rights recognized and protected by law. However, the legalization of their civil unions, which seek to simulate holy matrimony, is not admissible

    French Le Monde: “Though the sovereign pope tries to open up to homosexual couples by outright confirming that they are welcome in the Catholic Church, he still remains very determined against their entering a religious marriage, which necessarily only takes place between a man and a woman “.

    And one example of the opposite reaction:

    A pastor and professor at Fordham University who is gay himself says: “Yes. I personally want – and I know many others, gay and lesbian persons and those who are allies and who love us – would want the church to be able to one day recognize the loving commitments of LGBTQ persons in the sacrament of marriage

    The discussion is on… ?

    Is the “sacramentally valid”, gay wedding ring a political “ring of power” that somehow attracts the pope ?

    Be watchful for the next step !


  • “… all the world wondered after the beast”

    Shouldn’t we pray for the situation around Donald Trump ? What is going on ? Is he about to sell himself out entirely to the devil !?

    The german web-publication FAZ – among many other newsmedia around the world that are constantly howling about Trump – gives a report from the actual Trump campaign: : “Seine künstliche Bräune verdeckte jede etwaige Erschöpfung nach der Coronavirus-Infektion und die zumeist maskenlosen, dicht gedrängten Fans boten die optische Illusion einer überstandenen Krise.”

    In english: “His artificial tan hid any exhaustion after the coronavirus infection and the mostly maskless, tightly packed fans offered the optical illusion of surviving a crisis.”

    Isn’t this the moment when you need to be cautious ?

    According to the Book of Revelation chapter 13, vers 3, there will come a moment in the end times, when “.. one of his heads as it were wounded to death ; and his deadly wound was healed: ” and then follows:

    ” and all the world wondered after the beast.”

    Do you see it ?